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Through our experience collecting household waste we have found what we believe to be the best service available for our customers but at the same time we understand that not one size fits all. This is why we offer our unique service to all our customers but we let you choose what size bins you need. No matter what size bins you pick there are a number of points that we promise to delver to you:

We will collect your organic bin every week
We will collect your waste and recycling bins every second week
We will text you every week to remind you what bins to put out
We will always put your bins back properly
We will not charge you more because your bin was heavy
– Our staff will always be polite and help you as much as possible
– If you do not put your Waste bin out we will give you a discount using our easy to to follow system which we explain below:

In a 6 month period we provide you with 13 general waste lifts, 13 recycling lifts and 26 organic waste lifts.
Our system is based on giving you a €3 discount off our next invoice for any general waste lifts not used in the 6 months.

Option One: 1-2 person household

We recommend this service for houses with 1-2 people or low waste producers. With this service you get a standard recycling bin, a slightly smaller waste bin and an 80ltr organic bin. Also our organic bin is a full bin, not a small caddy!. We are the only company in Limerick to empty this bin every week. With this service you get all the benefits of a three bin service while saving space outside your house.

6 months service €22.75 per month

Option Two: 3 plus person household

We recommend this service for houses with 3 or more people. This is the largest service available in Limerick. With this service you get an extra large 360ltr recycling bin, a standard 240ltr waste bin and a 140ltr organic bin. The service is unrivalled in the market. The weekly organic bin means you have room for all of your food and organic waste and because we collect weekly you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odours. Our large 360ltr recycling bin ensures you will never again be stuck for space.

With is option we collect 30% more volume than any other waste company in Limerick.

6 months service €25.25 per month

Optional Glass Collection Service

With this extra space we will give you a 25ltr bin for all of your glass and collect it every week. It doesn’t matter whether you go for Option One or Option Two, you can still add on the glass collection service. While some other companies might offer glass collection we are the only company in Limerick to empty the bin every week.

6 months service €1 per month

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