Food Scraps:
– Meat, Poultry, Fish
– Shellfish & Bones
– Egg & Dairy Products
– Plate Scrapings & Table Scraps
– Fruit & Vegetables
– Bread, Dough, Pasta & Grains/Cereals
– Coffee Grounds, Filters & Tea Bags

Food Soiled Paper:
– Kitchen Paper Towels
– Paper Napkins
– Wet Cardboard & Paper
– Compostable Plates & Cups

Garden Waste:
– Plants & Flowers
– Hedge Clippings
– Grass

It is very important that you do not place any plastic bags into your organic waste bin as this causes contamination. If you would like to use bags for your organic material please ensure that they are compostable, these are available from most leading supermarkets and can also be purchased at Alternatively food waste can be placed in paper bags or wrapped in newspaper. Remember we collect your organic waste every week and you don’t save any money by not putting it out, so use the bin as much as possible. Please remember to only put organic waste into your brown lidded bin.